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Thread: Buell XB12scg Part out

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    07 XB12scg Part out updated 1-29-19

    I have updated everything! Sorry for late replies.

    The bike was a 2007 XB12scg with 16k miles on it. Clean title, no accidents. The front piston exploded and caused some damaged to the whole front head and cylinder.

    Here's what I have available. Everything listed can be shipped.

    Rear caliper and rotor- $50 plus shipping
    Front 6 piston brake caliper, line, master cylinder- $90 plus shipping
    Drive belt- SOLD
    gloss black Windscreen, has some scratches, not in the best shape.- $20 plus shipping
    Gloss black airbox cover has a big scratch and other small scratches, no cracked mounting holes- $40 plus shipping
    Inside airbox cover- $30
    Interactive exhaust motor-$45 shipped
    SPAL fan- $30 plus shipping
    Rear tire hugger- $25 plus shipping
    Main set, aftermarket pegs- $40 plus shipping for the pair
    OEM turn signals- $20 for the pair
    Rear cylinder jug and piston- $60 plus shipping
    Front engine tube bracket- $20
    Full wiring harness- offer

    I think there's a few more things. I organized the rest of what I had in some boxes.
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    IMG_7773 by andrew johnson, on Flickr
    IMG_7772 by andrew johnson, on Flickr
    IMG_7770 by andrew johnson, on Flickr
    IMG_7771 by andrew johnson, on Flickr
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    Do you have the front pulley/transmission spocket? Needed to convert my 03 to the 04+ drive belt setup.
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    Unfortunately no, I sold the whole engine case with the pulley attached and the rear sprocket.

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    I'm interested in: Front 6 piston brake caliper, line, master cylinder
    Any pics available? If there are, please send to: michaelweis99(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I will send you an email.

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    Sold the turn signals.

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    Sold the windscreen and interactive exhaust motor

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    I am interested in the air box cover, is it still available?

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