Ok, so bought a project, non runner from japan, 13000km https://www.buellxb.com/forum/showth...ject-2004-XB9S

the first thought was pump. no priming noise,

so the pump and filter have been replaced, great have priming sound,
new battery fitted aswell,

cranked her over a few times thinking the fuel needed time to get to the injectors,
nope. just keeps cranking over,

so cracked the fuel line nut at the pump, some fuel squirts out (how much should come out of this line?), so assume that this is ok,

next, i poured a bit of fuel down the intake, and she fires up, so assume spark is ok,

I have no diagnostic tools available to me, will buy a buelltooth soon but it will take a while to arrive to New Zealand,

Any ideas or things to look for?