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Thread: Another won't start thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverrider View Post
    Did you turn it over with the fuel that was in the tank ?
    I didn't, but the importer will have to test it before sale

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    Maybe your injectors clogged ?

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    maybe, will wait for the buelltooth and fuel pressure test before I remove them

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    Buelltooth arrived, havent had time to do anything with the bike over xmas/new years, so havent checked the fuel pressure

    but have found a few moments to play with the buell tooth,

    there are no Current fault codes, and cleared the old codes, (BAS and Fuel pump)

    ran the injector test on both front and rear,
    could hear nothing when i got my ear as close as possible,

    so decided to remove them,
    with them freed from the motor and still plugged in I ran the check again,
    with my ear right next to them I could barely hear them tick, really faintly,

    now is that normal? or should they be louder?
    oh they are also the older type, "black injectors"

    I'm going to give them a soak in some injector cleaner in the mean time??? will the plastic body of the injector be ok soaking in cleaner or kero??
    also checked the resistance of the injectors, both approx 12ohms
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    Success, she started after an soaking the injectors overnight in kero,
    then spraying carb cleaner thru them while pulsing them with 12v till they gave an acceptable pattern,

    shes a little rough in the idle/rev department, but im guessing that its because its missing the airbox, exhaust and PCV valves
    and I haven't actually checked the plugs, i'm guessing they need changing, I have a pair of NGK dcp9eix to fit,

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    had it ever occurred to you when you commenced this thread that it might be wise to mention that this poor thing is missing it's exhaust system....air intake system....PCV rocker box valves...entire breather system?

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    didn't realize the PCV system was missing until recently,
    first post, link to a project you can see the exhaust is missing, and the airbox/filter I have, didn't want to piece it altogether to take it apart again,
    just a test start

    waiting on pcv valve gaskets to arrive,

    Thanks for the help
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    I can never get enough of that Buell open header sound! Like mommy singing me a lullaby! (After a carton or two of cigarettes)

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