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    I hope someone wins the lottery who loves BUELLS as much as we do and restarts production of just the XBs. No Blast bs or $50,000 stupidly expensive race ready bikes. Just the basic AMERICAN sport bike which is the XB9/12. Two models thats all that needs to be made. I think thats where Erik made his fatal mistake IMO. He believed his own BS and thought he had the Midas Touch. He doesn't. He IS one helluva designer though. Suzuki made the same mistake w/ the Gladius. They have the $$ to recover from the their F-up and returned to basics and the SV as much as I hate to say is making a comeback. Its too late for the BUELL to make a comeback I think. I think we all own the TUCKER of our time.

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    A lightning and a firebolt with the 1190 in it if I win the lottery

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    What powerplant is that? Looks badass.

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    Looks like a Motoguzzi motor on a Buell frame, " where does he get those cool pictures of toys from ? "
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    I could defiantly trash those cylinders by dropping that bike a bunch!

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