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Thread: 10 Days With The 1125r - First Impressions

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    10 Days With The 1125r - First Impressions

    Love the handling and ergonomics. I'm 6'2" 180 and this is the most comfortable I've been on a sportbike in ages. With a Corbin seat I should be able to ride this well into my social security years.

    Installed 1.5" quiet core on the Barker exhaust. It makes it only marginally quieter at idle though I think under power it helps more.

    Rear brake pedal too close to motor for my feet, would like to extend that out about an inch.

    Donít like Torx screws everywhere. Will replace most with Allen head screws in the fall.

    My charging voltage under power is mostly in the mid 13s during normal driving. Has dropped as low as 12.1 when hot at idle, highest Iíve seen is 13.9. Prev. Owner said stator was replaced but given these voltages probably with another one of the same crappy type.

    Instrument cluster background light flickers very fast like a neon light about to go bad.

    PitA to get at battery.

    Got gas bubbling after a short drive after just filled the tank. Outside temps about 75. Couldn't get her to do it again but subsequent days were cooler. Next time I'm going to touch the gas to see if it's actually boiling or just bubbling. Did a little research and this isn't unique to this bike. People on many sportbike forums (including BMW s1000RR) have mentioned this.

    Not getting any noticeable amount of gas out of the vent tube. But, again, hasn't been that hot.

    Normal coolant temps low 170s. Highest has been 189. Fans kick in early.

    Unbeknownst to me when I bought it it has had its ECU changed. The one I have says ďRace Use OnlyĒ on it with the model code: M3HBK012. Iím guessing this was changed when the Barker exhaust was installed. Likely the BK in that code is Barker.

    I thinks she's going to be high maintenance as far as modern sportbikes go, but worth it.

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    Thanks for the input
    There are so many T27 torx bolts on the bike it would be an excersize in futility to change them all to inferior allen headed bolts. Just cave in and get a T27 driver.

    The voltages are fine, the flickering is not. Could be a sign of the stator going. Easy to check. Your manual download is at or

    The gas is bubbling, which technically is boiling. Gas boils at a much lower temp than water. Common in these bikes, make sure your vent tube is routed so it doesn't drip on anything and mess up there paint on the swing arm.

    Thats plenty cool temps for the bike as well. You can change the fan settings, but it sounds like they are fine. A bluetooth dongle and ECMDroid are good tools to have to diagnose stuff and change ECM settings (

    The "Race Use Only" doesn't mean much. Its easy to program and re-program these ECM's so theres no telling whats in there. If it runs fine I'd leave it alone.

    Quite the contrary. Low maintenance and longevity are the hallmarks of a Buell. Don't be picky and sweat the little stuff, it ain't a Honda. She will shake and rattle her way to whatever mileage you like.

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    Morning all! Thought I'd tag along on this new to me, 1125R thread.
    Saw a decent looking 08 on FB, close and "cheap" (we'll see how cheap it turns out to be, LOL) with 15K.
    Story is; for the first 9K, owner was an old guy, (hey I resemble that!) 2nd owner (added 6K, in just shy of a year) was in his 20's, his first motorcycle! His only vehicle commuting 60 miles to work in Wisconsin. You can guess how THAT went... So on a day with a high temp below 0F I went to look. With a heater pointed at it and charger starter clamped on the battery terminals it started and ran. How scary is THAT scenario? Motor sounded healthy, shifted up and down, clutch felt good in first against the front brake. It was tough WALKING up the icy driveway, no test ride happening. So in the van it went. Front tire is toast, new Shinko Apex on the way, yeah but hell I'm 63 and ride the streets in the great white north. Temps in the 40's yesterday, with the battery charged, it starts easy, the headlight gets brighter when revved, LOL. A trip up and down the driveway was successful.
    Though forecast wet today, last night's rain might have washed enough salt off the roads to let me take it up and down the road, see if there are any obvious ut-ohs. Last chance before winter returns full bore this afternoon.
    So what would you do for wake up maintenance for riding season? A bit scruffy, bike has no obvious signs of anything more than garage rash.
    Not my only bike. I've had some serious rockets and many other bikes. A few may recognise my forum name, and I see some familiar cast members here. I have a "new" 2014 1190SX that's never been off the lift and an XB12 appears to be in my immediate future. Kinda looking for an early bike, Mmmm tasty kool aid, got any more?

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