I never liked the way the battery is positioned in this bike.

Not sure about the stock battery but the aftermarket one I got didn't allow for much space between the frame and the battery case for the rear seat spade to slide in.

And the positive terminal is awfully close to the metal frame. They made some plastic shroud thing but I had a heck of time getting the positive terminal on with it in place.

AND the bike seems to need a real good jolt to start. After a cold week here she wouldn't start. She turned over a couple times but no joy.

So decided to try a Lithium since the price dropped below $100 before Christmas. These things are crazy light. They feel like an empty plastic box.

Though the vendor confirmed the model he was sending would fit the 1125, it didn't per the existing battery as the terminals are reversed.

So just decided to mount it backwards from the way it was. Now everything has more space and the terminals aren't near the frame.

And the rear seat cowl slides in easily.

Anyone see why this might be a bad idea?

Though much smaller than OEM it's solidly held down with the existing strap and comes with blocks to enlarge its footprint.

It started the bike with authority and charging voltages haven't changed.

I'll follow up if she craps out, explodes or catches fire.