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Thread: XB9r-XB12R firebolt handlebar riser kit by LSL

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    XB9r-XB12R firebolt handlebar riser kit by LSL

    Made in Germany by LSL. Handlebar riser kit for 02-08 Buell Firebolt XB9R or XB12R Firebolt. This replaces the existing triple clamp with a new, beautiful CNC machined unit. Raises bars approx. 4-5 inches and back approx 2 to 3 inches which gives a natural upright riding position. Also included are the new risers, polished aluminum handlebars, a longer brake line and new bolts for attaching the ignition switch to the new triple clamp.
    Per the USA distributor Spiegler, the stock clutch cable is supposed to work, you just have to re route in from the original loction.
    I was going to install this on my 2006 Firebolt but sold the bike before the installation.
    The instructions are translated from German and are not real clear but I have some extra information I got from the USA distributor and will pass all that on to the buyer.
    This kit cost me 439.00 so my loss is your gain. Sold my Firebolt

    265.00 and free shipping to lower 48 USA

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    I am interested. Please message me. Thank you.

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