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Thread: New to the Buell

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    New to the Buell

    Just picked up this 2005 xb12r and I've found a couple things that I need to address. First there is this wire harness on the foot brake side that looks pretty rough, I was wondering if you guy could tell me what this goes to. Has exposed wire on each of the 3 wires running into it.
    The carbon fiber intake on the right side is messed up a little, and I'd like to find some new fasteners to replace some that are looking rough. So far just seems like cosmetic issues, it fires right up and runs pretty good.
    The exhaust doesnt sound stock but I couldn't find an manufacturer label on it, and the header is wrapped. I was told it has a "big cam set" in it but the guy wasn't sure what all was done to it. So any advice on where to start to find out what may be done to it? I'm trying to track down the person he got the bike from.
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    Congrats! Pics Pics and Pics. Most of us are old and senility has set in so visual aids are a must!

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