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Thread: Buell XB fuel pressure gauge

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    No, he knows! He just wasn't smart enough to not post pics of his bike!! Lol!!

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    As soon as I saw the initial post making a problem where none existed and then the volt meter on the light switch housing I knew for sure it was him, he's back!

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    Hehe. What a monkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrTT View Post
    Route the gauge display cable and attach the display to you favorite place

    Enjoy your fuel pressure gauge!

    And it looks like I found the issue already. The fuel pressure on my motorcycle is only 40 PSI, which is lower then it supposed to be. It looks like I found the reason of AFV is too high (120%) and motor heats up too fast. So it's tome to fix the fuel pump.
    Very clean set up. When you installed that sensor in the manifold did you use any kind of special fuel resistant tape, or just regular teflon thread sealant?
    Also do you notice any pressure variations while riding, say just cursing and then wide open at higher RPMs?

    P.S. I really dont understand the need to completely **** on someones work. And couple of them seem to relay go out of the way to make silly comments just to get some attention.
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    Cossack: The OP has been banned. Several times. This is the end of a very long conversation, so it's a bit out of context for you. No worries

    This is where I got that suggestion I made to you about tapping the fueling block. IMO it's a good idea for an access point for a temporary gauge.
    Regular thread sealant paste will be fine. Try not to use tape, little bits of it can plug the tiny orifices, like injectors.

    You shouldn't see any pressure variation at all (.1psi nominal). The pump is regulated. Any pressure change would add a whole new set of variables to the fuel table. Remember the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder is calculated by pressure and open dwell time.

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