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  • Live to Ride... H-D Forever!

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  • Closing today ain't fast enough, Good Riddance.

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  • All hinges on the next 5 years with the new line

    3 33.33%
  • 20+ years. An American staple should be supported by Americans

    4 44.44%
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Thread: H-D sure is taking a beating...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunaticfringe View Post
    NO idea what the point of this thread is other than yet another gab-fest between the usual suspects.
    Thats what we do here in General Motorcycle Chat. We Chat. About Motorcycles. In General.
    And didn't it gave you something to do on this cold morning in PA? Have another cup of coffee, my friend and thanks for the info, Scottsdale H-D IS huge

    I'm not hating on H-D! Here's the last 2 that I owned and loved. The black dragster was a wreck re-build, and I had to do a complete tear down on the 1200C as a rescue from Katrina, including paint by yours truly

    The question is not if we like the bikes or the stereotype. It's a poll whether you think The Company will survive after Recession, Bail-out, a plant in India, lack of skilled labor*, POTUS Twittering, and now massive tariffs.

    The general public is not buying new Harleys (or any bikes) like they used too. They aren't looking for fun by being free on 2 wheels. They are looking for fun on Instagram, in the back seat of an Uber. Will H-D make it?

    *To your point Lunatic, assembly lines were created literally by the lack of skilled labor. It allowed higher production by taking the 'skill' out of the job. 100 years ago! If H-D can't find people in Milwaukee to screw in the same bolt 1000 times a day, yikes.

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    Harley will persevere but their bank accounts might take some shrapnel.

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