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Thread: Lowered Footpegs and/or swapping Footpegs from Ulysses?

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    I fall into the short category. 29" inseam causes problems on most bikes. The lightning seat I have on my Firebolt helps with that.
    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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    Don't the S (and SS) bikes already come with a factory dropped peg? I'm pretty sure all of mine did.

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    I put drop pegs on my EBR , same as the Black Lightning. strom_0050.jpg

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    Yeah, that's what my all stock SS has.

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    Yup all Lightning models come stock with 1" drop pegs.

    I took his question as him knowing it comes with 1" drop pegs and he was looking for a bigger drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lusiphur View Post
    You tall people have so many issues.

    I actually have LSL Footpegs with a 1" drop on my XB12RS. It made a big difference on comfort
    I finally got a set of those and now I have no use for them as I have Rizoma Rearsets. I guess hoarding them is the only option...

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    Ol' Coot would like a set, if you need the shelf space

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    I did not know that the Ss model already has a 1" drop. So, only option is a taller seat than I guess. Right?

    I'm working a deal right now on an 09 xb12Ss, but it's another state, so I can't ride it in person. I've only ridden a Ulysses xb12X

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    I put on the Ulysses brackets on my STT(same as the SS), it makes riding long distance much better on the legs, if you do the brackets from the Ulysses, you will also need the extended shift linkage rod and the shifter drop bracket the lever attaches onto along with a different rear brake master cylinder or drill and tap the one you have so the mounting bolts can come from the other side, you will most likely need a longer rear brake line as well. I bought the brackets loaded with the pegs along with the complete rear brake assembly off of a dismantled Ulysses on ebay. I also ground off the "feeler" tabs on the rider pegs as I could scrape them on the first ride, once modified I've yet to touch the ground with them. I have the SS seat on mine so it would be almost exactly what you will end up with. I'm 5'9" and 30" inseam, don't think I could go back to stock brackets unless it was just to ride around town.

    If you search on this site you will find threads with what all is needed and the P/N's required to do the conversion, I think I've posted it all up a handful of times.

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    I'm going the other way: lowering my Uly, would like to raise the footpegs about an inch. Same sources for those? Other suggestions?

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