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Thread: What other skills do you have?

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    Even taught Bubbles how to ride this weekend. She's been asking for awhile

    Rented a new little BMW 310R from the Eagle Rider down the street and laughed out loud when he asked if I wanted zero deductible insurance for $35. "HELL YES I do!" was not the answer he expected

    We went to a long, deserted, dead end in the 'hood and spent a half hour going over controls, functions, clutch drills, and away she went. She used to ride a fast sport quad (Honda 400EX) in the sand before, but never a bike. Took to it like a methhead likes copper! Got a lot done in 2 days and we'll go back out next weekend for a re-fresher and hill-starts. Next step is the MSF course, which ironically I need to do as well. My M1 endorsement I've had since 16yo, fell off somehow when I got my Florida license, so technically I'm not supposed to be riding, lol.
    I'm thinking of showing up on the EBR and pretending not to know how to ride... wheelie across the parking lot screaming at the top of my lungs... AAAHHHHHHHH!!! Could be hilarious? Could get me arrested. Sounds like fun

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    Hey all,
    Mostly hobby carpentry here: I like making custom dice boxes for Dungeons and Dragons players out of exotic woods : ) Else, I sing a bunch in a quartet and a chorus, work on the house fairly well along with the cars and truck. Still learning about the X1, and about to get back into archery! : )


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