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Thread: Innability to read supplied Map for new engine. help needed.

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    Innability to read supplied Map for new engine. help needed.

    Gday all. Well i've finaly got the engine togeather and bike is ready to run. Buell X1. Hammer head setup, there 600 cams, 1.5" inch crank conversion. Its got alot of stuff from hammer performance and they were able to supply a map theyd created for one almost identical. Only problem is the map is in .epr format from the latest ecmspy and my old version wont read it. Ive installed the latest ecmspy mono version and tried to open it which identified the ecm as an BUEIA but i dont have whatever is required to open it.
    Ive been using ecm droid and know that my ecm is an BUEIB module.
    Ive tried opening it in megalog viewer and tunerpro. No luck.
    If anyone could help me out in either converting the file to a format i could use with ecm droid or any other system. Or explaining how to do so. Even if i had to manualy punch in the fuel and timing setup.
    I would be very thankfull.

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    TunerproRT will open .epr format no problem, first set the program to the proper ADX and XDF for the ECMID the file was made for (example BUEIB) once that is done go to file drop down then open bin then on that tab go to the bottom right and switch to the "all files" option and select the .epr file you were sent. If your ECMID and the ECMID of the file you were sent does not match you will have to manually change all parameters but IIRC you can open another instance of the software with your old ECMID and file then flash over the changes from the one with the wrong ECMID over it which would change the parameters but keep the old ECMID, this should work as long as the file they sent and your ECM is DDFI2.


    I think your problem with MONO is that you only have the ability to open BUEID ECMID's, you would have to donate again for each ECMID that is different.

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