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Thread: New tires

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    Don't let Lunatic fool ya, He's a big fan of the Shinkos too I haven't had any experience with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverrider View Post
    Thanks, watched that video. Angel GT or Pilot Road 4s might be my speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cossack84 View Post
    Thanks, watched that video. Angel GT or Pilot Road 4s might be my speed.
    So a video from 2013 is current enough for you, but a Buellxb forum thread complete with a poll from 2016/17, is too old? The autism intensifies......

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    I tried out a set of Shinkos ( IIRC, they were Ravens) on my old SV650. Shinko called them "high mileage" , but I found they gave a great range of mileage, wear, grip and comfort. The price was spot on as well.

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    I just mounted up a ShinKo 009 Raven on the rear of the xb9xs. Me think me like! We'll see how they hold up.

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    Q4's here.

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    I just installed some Continental Sport Attack Tires
    Looking forward to owning the corners with them.

    I have run Pirelli Diablo Corsa's in the past and really liked them as well
    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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    Thanks for all the info. I ordered a set of q3 plus. Will update some time later.

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