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Thread: KTM dirt bike

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    KTM dirt bike

    Thoughts? Discuss. Go!

    I already feel the money leaving my wallet.

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    pity the fool who never owned a 2-stroke street or dirt bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunaticfringe View Post
    pity the fool who never owned a 2-stroke street or dirt bike.

    True dat!

    Cody's first bike gt 185 Suzuki:

    Edit, first real bike I dont count this one 71 honda express...
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    2 stroke dirt bikes are for young guys with talent who can stand on the pegs for hours and whose bones are still made of rubber. I'm old, fat, out of shape and have no business being on one.

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    Injected 2 strokes are cool.

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    I'm old, not too fat and not too out of shape and, I'd love to ride one....'................................. again !

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    I don't understand why they didn't use the linkage rear shock with this one; guessing it had something to do with all the intake packaging?

    Edit: looks like just the 19 models, the 20's will have links on the bigger models but it also looks like they will all lose kick starters. Dumb. At least leave a kicker on the XC models!
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    raced a 250XCW for many years. Awesome motorcycle.

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