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Thread: What did you do with your Ulysses today?

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    I just finished swapping to a Bulltooth XB-SG slip-on and fussed with the tune. I guess it will need a little tweaking. It seems to run and idle just fine. Short ride was very satisfying.
    That is going to be my first purchase for my new to me bike. Mine is running lean with the Jardine pipes.

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    What did I do with my Uly today? I rode to work (every day). I've had a couple Ducatis and I'll have too say I like the Uly better. Both of my Ducatis required caution when starting from a stop. They would (dangerously) stall if you don't give it enough gas. The Uly starts of from a stop with plenty of torque and never stalls, even with no throttle.

    I was always afraid to park the Duc. The side stand on the Duc was pathetic. I was always afraid it would fall over. Those Ducs handle really well but I'm very happy, very impressed with Buell handling. At a point I thought the Duc ST4s was the best bike I'd ever owned but now it's the Uly. And she has tons of character.

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