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Thread: firebolt shakedown

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    firebolt shakedown

    As I said in my intro, I'm helping my son with his '03 firebolt (CabanaChris). Speedo wasn't working. PO said probably needs new speed sensor. Took the cover off and sure enough one wire was smashed another nicked. Well as you know, Deutsch plugs are not common in autoparts stores. (thought I could buy the plug with pigtails). Being a BMW rider (the cheapest thing on a BMW...... The rider!) and having a fair bit of time on my hands I decided to disassemble the plug and connect new wires to the pins and splice the pigtails in with Hi temp butt connectors and some marine grade shrink tubing. Happy to report the speedo is working fine now. Sorry if this is old news.[ATTACH=CONFIG]11365[/ATTACHIMG_5304.jpgIMG_5306.jpgIMG_5316.jpg]
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    Even if it took some time, a good idea!

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    My second speed sensor died that way. Ordered a new one a nd didn't notice the smashed wires this time. May have a good sensor if the harness is salvageable. I've had to order a kit of Deutsch connectors.

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    Nice job! Us Bueller are mostly the do-it-yourself type. You fit it quite well Thanks for the pics!

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    What a surprise that was! You fixed that sensor up real good! And now you snuck your way onto the Buell forums! I knew it! It is only a matter of time before a Buell....cough!...Ulysses is sitting in your garage. Hahaha! Now it's time for us to post some pics of our Firebolt add ons. Nice to see you on here!

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