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Thread: ECMdroid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    .....From there, open whatever option you have to "move" the file. Maybe press and hold it? maybe there's a menu up top? depends on your device....

    That part got me...couldn't figure out how to get that option to come up. lol Glad you got it figured out.

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    I'm constantly baffled when using a pc.
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    rb70383: Thats why you can never find exact step-by-step directions I was using a super cheap tablet I bought for $32 to exclusively use for ECMDroid. It had a real crappy touch interface as well, so it would do different things every time. AGGRAVATING!!
    It has been pleasant with the Android burner phone. I got it for free from AT&T, no SIM, no contract, no $ but will work for ECMDroid everywhere and even make calls, e-mails when in WiFi (which is dang heart everywhere now and much easier to throw in my pocket for datalogging.

    outthere: Tortally, I used to be PC because I didn't want to spend the $$ for Mac and have to learn something new. Finally did that about 2009 and haven't looked back since! I'm no fanboy, Apple has their share of quirks as well, but I just had to recover a bunch of data from an old PC of mine and holy hair pulling! Open the same 10 dialog boxes in a row, every time, to do the same thing. 10 times. UGH.

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