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Thread: One week into ownership, I find a crack in the frame - left side engine mounting tab

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    Wow, I'm sorry to see this man : ( Stick it out, be proud as hell of the job you do, and then ride like mad >: ) Sending all the good vibes from here in the East!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmardy View Post
    Yeah, it's weird, I notices some mild scraping on the left side swingarm spool and clutch lever that looked like maybe a 5mph low side. No damage to engine/stator cover (perhaps was replaced?) Rest of bike looks very good.

    After talking to some people I've decided to source a good used frame and take my chances with the California DMV "Statement of Construction" process where I'll make my current title "salvage", build a new bike with a new frame, do a DMV dance and a CHP dance, then another DMV dance, then a final CHP dance and finally I should be able to have a complete, whole, registered bike (though probably with a Salvaged title).
    I wonder what's going to be a bigger PITA, swapping frames or dealing with DMV and CHP.
    simply put YOU have been taken advantage of. how? unlike assorted SS and ST ducatis from the 90's and GoldWings from the past decade....aluminum framed Buells do NOT crack frames. period. this bike has been has been involved in a crash no matter how all probability the owner/seller knew it...and hung one on you. i know you west coast guys have a different mentality and attitude towards these things but here in the east we never tolerate this type of bullsh*t.
    do as you please but that dickhead needs taught a valuable lesson as follows:
    if you can find one locally have an expert such as myself "go over" the bike and write up a brief consensus-of-opinion.
    have the local police or CHP or vehicle registration guy look at it so the VIN is on their radar map.
    immediately litigate this however it's done out there...and keep it clean and simple. how? the idiot takes it back...returns your trade to you....and reimburses you for any out-of-pocket title/registration costs involved.
    there's a mountain of precedents on the books in CA pursuant to this, that specifically address identical scenarios.
    you got one hung on you and the seller needs to be spanked.

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