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Thread: 03 Xb9r. Oil lines from swingarm

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    03 Xb9r. Oil lines from swingarm

    Ok so i pulled off my muffler because I want to clean it up and paint it. And I noticed 2 issues I'm concerned about. 1. The oil lines have rubbed almost thru the rear muffler bracket, and secondly two lines have been laying directly on the muffler, kinda melted the plastic line spacer thing. This is on an 03 xb9r that was a track bike that I'm semi making street legal again.

    1. Is in normal for the braided lines to rub a groove into the alum bracket and. 2. How do i get the lines from touching the muffler. The muffler seems to be very tight fitting under my bike its the Buell race muffler, Can the lines be rerouted from the swingarm to the engine. Ill get photos soon.

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    Pictures would be great! Any way you can post a few?

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    I can tomorrow afternoon. My bike is at my friend's house an hour away.

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