Hello everyone. I have a new to me low mileage XB9R that was used as a track bike by the pervious owner. The engine has been refreshed, new crank, rods, bearings, honed cylinders, new rings, heads where cleaned up but not ported. New clutch assembly, basically It has a low mileage almost brand new engine, it has ohlins rear shock, race tech valving in the forks. A steering stabilizer, a chain conversion, Race ECM, Race Muffler, and which is unique it has adjustable rear axle on it like your typical sportbike setup. I've been told that buell's dont have adjustable rear axles. Well mine does lol.

My plans are to go full genuine carbon fiber body fron MDI. And get this bike dialed in for me as a hot exotic street bike. Got a friend who does cnc work for the military. That might make one off military grade alum and titanium parts to really make my XB9R different from the rest out there.

Im currently in the process of making it street legal again, with putting the lights, horn, side stand, and gauges back on. I have all the original parts the previous owner took off it to race it.

I got tons of extra parts for track day mishaps.

Not sure how to post a photo yet. As i just joined this group and I'm using a pro tab 4.