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Thread: NEW XB FUEL PUMP REBUILD KITS ready to ship!

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    NEW XB FUEL PUMP REBUILD KITS ready to ship!


    Complete XB fuel pump rebuild kits now ready to go. I assembled these from OEM parts left in stock along with US and Jap spec parts where required. NO CHINESE GARBAGE! In essence what you'll be doing is disassembling the entire pump assembly, cleaning up the housing base and internals, throwing most everything else into the trash, and assembling with all new parts. The result will be a complete as-new fuel pump. NOTE: this kit will fit the 2003 early style “long tube” pumps but you'll need to re-use the 2 rubber internal lines and the 3 motor-to-housing O-rings.....just clean and re-clamp them to the pump assembly. Each full kit includes the following new parts:
    pump motor
    pump suction sock filter
    outlet high pressure filter PART # P0101.02A8
    outlet high pressure filter bushing kit(2 pieces) PART # P0164.K
    high pressure regulator supply fuel line
    two(2) fuel line clamps in either Oetiker or worm drive style-your choice
    fuel pressure regulator-factory pre-set to 52psi
    regulator-to-housing sealing O-ring
    regulator pintel O-ring
    housing-to-frame O-ring(quantity 2) PART # P0121.02A8A
    fuel level sensor assembly-PART # P0789.KA
    submersible wire-tie for wiring harness

    NOTE: the filter bushings and the housing-to-frame O-rings MUST be assembled with either O-ring silicone lube(preferred) or Lubri-plate lube. you must supply your own.

    As of 4-4-2019 the factory supply pipeline and all dealers are out-of-stock on all new pumps and virtually all of the pump rebuild parts. Part numbers are NLA and no plans to ever be re-listed.

    Total kit price will be $189 and $6 USA freight.
    Canadian freight price via USPS first class approx. $25
    World-wide freight price via USPS first class air is $29/USPS priority air is $37

    To order your kit either PM or email me. i had also mentioned this before but if you're not comfortable with rebuilding your own pump simply ship to me and i'll rebuild it for a reasonable fee plus the kit and return freight charge.
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