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Thread: XB12 countershaft 'Pulley'

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    XB12 countershaft 'Pulley'

    Does a Sportster pulley fit? I've searched hi & lo and all I know is it's 14mm pitch /27t.

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    outthere, what are you calling a counter shaft? The idler pulley?

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    Countershaft sprocket thats not a sprocket. The pulley that's at the small end of the belt. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by outthere View Post
    does a sportster pulley fit? I've searched hi & lo and all i know is it's 14mm pitch /27t.
    yes and no. a 2004 and up XL 27T front belt pulley WOULD fit....but there is no such thing. smallest XL pulley ever factory issued is 28T. why? foot peg bracket clearance issue.
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    So I need a Buell pulley then. seems like a scarce item. I want to get it lightened. Thanks

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    Reach out to Phelan on here (or Badweb or Pegasus Performance on FB). I think he already makes a 27t lightened pulley for XB's.

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    I google searched “Buell XB front pulley” and got a bunch of results.
    Might need to do a little leg work via the phone to figure out what actually works on a Buell.

    Just a suggestion

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    I put a couple on my watch list in Fleabay. I'm confused now. Maybe the sellers list them as XL sportsters but they are really Buell or maybe they are not 27t.

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    I have a part number 40288-95. I don't do facebook

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    Baker makes a 26 & 28 but no 27t

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