Hello there! Long time lurker, 1st time poster. So I did A LOT of searching before posting. Good lord this place is a gold mine.
Bike is an 07 XB9. Just replaced rocker cover gaskets, buttoned everything back up then it ran terribly under load. Idle was ok but when rev until you got about 30% or more onto the throttle -> sputtering/no power. Checked all connections, didn't miss anything, everything looks great, no tears, pinches, etc. It ran great prior to gaskets. Attempted to do TPS reset per the many many posts. The TPS does not respond AT ALL when you snap the throttle to ensure function (what should be the blue bar percentage indicator on the overview page). I unplugged at it shows about 13% plus an error code (duh). Plugged back in still unresponsive.

What am I missing or what have I done wrong?
Bonues: Oh yay, fun times - since it's an 07 I can't do the Mustang TPS replacement per these forums. Yar.

Thanks ahead of time!