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Thread: Electrical issue 06 XB12R

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    Electrical issue 06 XB12R

    Has anyone any ideas on this: When the ignition switch turns back to the park light position (counter clockwise behind "lock") no lights come on. When I turn forward to the RUN position I get my headlights both high and low beams working. The bike will turn over and start. BUT my tail light will not light up nor will the brake light come on and on top of it the signal lights won't come on when I hit the switch (both sides). I've run direct power with jumpers to the lights and the lights seem to be working. I've also run a multi-meter to the harness and I'm not getting power coming to the back of the bike. My entire cluster is also out, not a dam thing in the dash lights up not even the neutral light nor odometer.
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    You can find the complete wiring diagram and service manual at or

    Sounds like a simple issue with a common cause.

    and "Check your grounds" Buellizm 101

    Edit: I assume you have checked the fuses?
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    This might be worth a quick look - you didn't mention blinkers but this sounds similar to an issue I had with an '06 Uly many moons ago.

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