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Thread: Winter Gloves Suggestions!

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    Winter Gloves Suggestions!


    The weather is too cold, and windy so, I am looking to buy new winter gloves and need your suggestions regarding it.

    My current riding glove is not warm.

    So I'm going to look at getting some windproof/waterproof/warm gloves. But i have no idea what works.

    One of my friends suggests me to buy from the Ski Bum coupons also their reviews are good.

    Does Anybody use their gloves?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    Ski gloves don't really have protection for a motorcycle rider. I don't know where you live but if your having that much discomfort, I would get a decent pair of electric motorcycle gloves. Though I don't own them, I hear they're the cats meow !

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    Try something like this:

    If you’re trying to go any cheaper than that you’re really not going to find too many options.
    I have a pair for fieldsheer winter gloves I picked up for cheap off amazon. My gloves in conjunction with my heated grips work great. I’ve ridden in close to zero degree weather without hand discomfort.

    The heated grips I have a some cheap-o trackside units I picked up from cycle gear. I think the grips are better than gloves for the simple fact that they’re always available.
    Some days when I leave for work it’s in the 40s, by the time I get out of work it’s in the 70s. On days like that I’m comfortable using my regular gloves.

    Just my thoughts

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