Well, last bike trip I had was the Solar Eclipse trip years ago. Just couldn't get away last Summer at all. Anyway, finally got out there last week for a week.

Take away--heated hand grips on the Uly are priceless, The Aero Stitch Road Crafter full suit is where it is at and do not head over the mountains in the Pacific Northwest until May.

Briefly, I rode 1600 miles starting on the Olympic Peninsula and out into South Central Idaho and return. The Uly never missed a beat, didn't burn any oil, averaged 40mpg @ 75mph. I had my camping gear and made some wonderful meals along the trail.

All told a great run, particularly with some wonderful Idaho hot springs as a destination--good for the health and take the chill out of the bones.

Ran into lots of rain--The Aerostitch kept me warm and dry. East from John Day, OR
on 26 you get up into high country(5200ft) still 10 feet of snow on the side of the road! Brutal even in mid-day. All along the Snake river basin in Idaho it was high 50's not bad (I-84 is set at 80mph so go 90--everyone else is !)

Some time soaking and De-toxing, and re-toxing and back home. Brutal cold in the Mountains above Pendleton and rain almost all the way home. Nothing 3 big lattes and a good feed of Brisket in Bingem, WA wouldn't fix. Record 525 miles that last day--pretty good on an'09 Uly.

So home and in one piece--what next for adventure?