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Thread: Looking for eeprom, maps for 2005 xb12ss Buell Jardine rt1 and K&N highflow intake.

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    Looking for eeprom, maps for 2005 xb12ss Buell Jardine rt1 and K&N highflow intake.

    Hi just ungraded the airflow to intake and exhaust. I found one map as reference and tried it, but I'm pretty sure its still off what I need.

    The stock map obviously had backfire here or what I bought the bike with.

    This is the preset map I found at for t breather reroute and micron exhaust which is a different setup.
    also noticed both front and rear are almost the same, but stock run front richer and rear leaner and the guides say to do so also.
    I've discovered others but when I convert them the length.etc is off preventing txt to binary.

    The preset is working nice, or the better on smooth throttle no backfire. At the same time, I feel like the power band is nerfd. Backfiring is not nearly as noticeable, and seems like its got the cruising stutter throughout. New to tuning but quick learner.

    Any maps to compare with and tips would be helpful. Read the tuning guides still and yeah, all I got is my ears and butt dyno and a good pc with spy cable.

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    I’m not a tech guru
    But go to and you can find various maps.
    Check it out
    And I hope someone with tuning skills chimes in.
    Truth be told there aren’t that many around.

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    Here is a race fuel map. Let me know if you want the whole thing.

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    Yes please, the timing maps would be helpful too. Also a summary of the bike configuration
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    Send me a pm with you email.

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    Thank you very much running good. I'm still tuning the bike, but this is definitely good start point

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