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Thread: ECM Droid Newby question

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    Quote Originally Posted by tleighbell View Post
    I think that is one of those "if it ain't broke don't fix it situations". If they are OK, good chance of making them worse.
    Exactly.... don't fix anything until it breaks, especially on a motorcycle.

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    I re-built a Q-jet with a blindfold on. Seriously.
    1989 was pre-internet pics or it didn't happen... but you do anything a thousand times and it becomes second nature. Thats what you get for charging $79 for a full carb re-build
    Other than lining up the metering rods off the secondary upper air blade bracket, a Rochester is pretty easy. A Holly is even easier. Carter AFB? Meh. Our local Edelbrock Inc. likes them, but I never did. We didn't even have the 'kits' with all the parts in a sealed bag, we had a back room with all the different gaskets, check balls, springs, accel pump diaphragms all in little white boxes.

    I tell ya, I don't mind at all, pulling out the phone, and tuning the Buell, all without a single screwdriver.

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    Sheesh, I was talking about Amal Concentrics. You guys are way above my paygrade.

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