Hey Lunatic, thanks for that clarification on the importance of the ECM being grounded well. This miss/stutter in the mid range has plagued me since I purchased the bike at 30ks. Some days the bike runs well once cleared, other days it hangs around, no rhyme or reason to it. Generally though, the bike is used for long trips and comes right after 50 odd km. Despite just about dismantling the entire bike, I cannot for the life of me find any obvious fault. Connections and grounds look great and all of the bits that could cause trouble have been replaced. I do note that the bike feels lean in the mid range. Tends to hunt a bit so my next option is to find someone who can help me fatten the map up a bit in that 2750 to 3250 rpm range where the issue seems to be. I also have a 03 XB9s and it runs like a well oiled swiss watch...nothing bothers it and is super fun to ride. If only I could sort my Uly. Any thoughts much appreciated. Cheers, Stu