Hey Everyone, thought I would share my experience of replacing the fan on my 07 Ulysses but would be the same procedure for any XB Buell. As covered in a previous thread, a SPAL 5.2 Pusher fan, part number 30103013 has exactly the same motor and fan as the Buell original, just has to be fitted to the Buell housing. To do this, you need to remove the fan from motor shaft, unscrew three screws to release the motor and refit into Buell housing. Although the fan is not a super tight fit on the shaft, I made a split puller to make the job easier and to reduce risk of damage. The fan pressed back on by hand and there are vertical serrations on the shaft that hold the fan firm. The plug has to be changed to fit Buell original but not a big job, just black to black wire and red to yellow wire. Fan and freight from Amazon was NZ$108 (about US $75) as opposed to OEM unit at NZ$275 (about US$185).
Biggest job was taking bike apart to get access to the fan area.