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Thread: This is starting to sound like a prarrie dog farm!

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    This is starting to sound like a prarrie dog farm!

    I was just going to post that we have officially gone down the rabbit hole, then saw-read Noel's post.

    Guess there's plenty holes in them thar hills to be had.
    '03 xb9R. 13K miles.

    Anyway, the buelltooth xb-sg exhaust arrived with the buelltooth dongle. Yeah! Saved the original file and uploaded/burned the file for the can (the tutorials on are spot on!) Woah! That baby is loud!!

    The "stock" can that was on the bike showed signs of mischief. They didn't even try to cover up the bird sh** welds. Bike was running good but smelled of gas. No leaks. AFV was 106.4. Not knowing what had gone on inside the exhaust thought a new can with a tune would be a good starting point.

    So far so good. Do the TPS reset. Check. Try to bring the bike back to 1050rpm idle. NO joy. Bounced back and forth between 800's and 9 but couldn't sustain it. Turned in then out, same result. AFV set to 100.

    Wanted to check the static timing. Pulled the front pully cover off and back probed the green/wt, black wt wires. Could only get .5 volts and didn't really change. Fuel pump cycled on etc. next thing I know the pump is getting fainter and fainter. OOps! Battery drained! LOL

    I think I may try again to check static timing while the plugs are out. Sure will be easier to turn over.

    Spark plugs arrive tomorrow. NGK 21316. Made a new set of plug wires from new leftover Accell wires. Have you ever tried to put used 7mm connectors on 8.8 mm wire and slide the old 7mm boots on too? Nobody sells this type of stuff locally anymore.
    Where have all the speed shops gone?

    Since the air box is off only makes sense to clean the throttle body and the injectors. That will be done tomorrow.

    Battery is up to 13.2 v. When everything is back together I'll check it while cranking.

    We'll see.

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    When playing with your bike like that the ECM will fire the injectors every time you turn the key on or turn the run switch on. Every time.

    You will flood it and foul the plugs unless you RIDE the bike until warm. Buell stock programming has a very rich, very long warm-up enrichment cycle.

    Idling in the garage doesn't count

    I'll guess (because you are setting the idle manually) that your bike is a pre-'08? Too bad. the DDFI-3 ECM has a spark plug cleaning procedure thats pretty trick.

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    How come you're checking static timing? It's behind a riveted cover for a reason.

    Ya, I hear ya about the lack of speed shops, hobby shops, good hardware stores... so sad.

    I just had to tell the counter-monkey what application my 327 Chevy was in originally, so I could get valve cover gaskets and water pump gaskets. Get off my lawn!!
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    Lucky, I gave up on the static timing before I had a chance to mess with it. Well now the timing cover is bolted on just in case. Yeah these "counter monkeys", frustrate me. You can give them a part number and it's like they can't find anything unless they have a vehicle make and year.

    Another day another adventure!

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    O man, I totally agree.
    I used to own a Jeep on 37" tires with a 1 Ton steering setup.
    I'd have the part # I needed, and they still wanted a VIN.
    Part I needed was from a Chevy and looking up the VIN of a Jeep wasn't going to help
    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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    When I run into that I do give the info they need and watch them struggle.

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    TB cleaned. Plugs installed. Finally got it to idle. Test ride. code 13, o2 always running lean (bueltooth). Up the afv to 102, test ride same code. To 104 same code. To 106 and the bike is really running Baaaaad!

    Check plug wires. I put dielectric grease on both plug and coil side. Fail! wire came off the coil. Resigned to get stock plug wires. Ordered. While late night surfing came across a thread where poster had a code 13. He replaced many things including the o2 sensor. No joy! Until he replaced the coil! His explanation was because the coil was bad the o2 said to lean out the mixture there's too much fuel (I'm paraphrasing).

    Hmmm. Pull coil and readings were: Primary .8 secondary 12.3 both out of spec. Order new coil.

    Coil arrives tomorrow.

    Until the next episode.

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    Have you checked for an intake leak?
    Your running symptoms sound more like an intake leak than anything else.

    Since your test confirms coil is bad, the intake seal COULD also be an issue.

    Just a thought.

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    Jumping around and guessing like this could be a long, and time consuming, and expensive, way to get it running. If you're lucky.

    Step 1: Go back to as stock as you can. Put your stock 'closed loop' tune back in. The Buelltooth tune is good, but probably Open Loop (not allowing the ECM to adjust itself). You'll need that for diagnosis.

    I would immediately stop messing with the AFV in the ECM. The best you could hope to do is mask what is really wrong with the bike.

    You will need to fix the bike first, and then tune it.

    These bikes won't run well without the complete air box installed properly. Make sure the rubber airhorn is on the throttle body and the base is sandwiched around it.

    ECMDroid will show you O2 voltages so you can see whether it is bad or lazy before you buy one. FYI, the Buelltooth tune doesn't even reference it (OL) so...

    ECMDroid will also show you TPS voltages to double check you re-set it properly.

    Quit re-setting the AFV. It is a clue to what the ECM thinks it needs. If you have an intake leak, the ECM will compensate by increasing the AFV. You'll want to know that.

    The path of proper diagnosis can be boring, but you will always find the problem.

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    Stupid (me) didn't tap the coil correctly! So now we have 2 good coils.

    Saved the original tune. Will reload it. Before the bike smelled like it was running rich. (like a carburated bike). AFV was 106.4 originally.

    Air horn is sealed on base. Did the propane check for leaks last night. No change in rpm detected.

    TPS is 5.8* will reset.

    o2 seems like it is not responding quickly. But we'll see after original tune loaded, TPS reset and AFV to 100%

    Thank you for the input.

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