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Thread: This is starting to sound like a prarrie dog farm!

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    Done! Back to original tune. Reset tps, adjusted idle, afv to 100%. NO CODES! Now this is with the aftermarket exhaust. o2 is responding as it should. I missed the memo about the buelltooth tune running in open loop.
    Thanks again Cooter for the guidance.

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    Doesn't running open loop just ignore oxygen sensor?

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    outthere: Yes, but the Buelltooth tune also instructs people to 'lock' the AFV, by limiting the adjustment range. Making the ECM unable to compensate.

    dantroop: You won't smell a 6% fuel increase. AFV's 20-30% off will start to cause you running issues because they are trying to mask a problem. An AFV of 106 is perfectly fine. You are probably smelling the Buell cold-start enrichment cycle that is VERY long and VERY rich. Idling cold in the garage is just exacerbating the problem and will foul your plugs.

    Have you tested the CPS yet? a heat gun or even just a hairdryer could help.

    Don't worry so much about codes. A code never means "replace this thing". They only tell you the ECM is getting a signal it doesn't expect. There would be no code created for a CPS sensor having an erratic input. Besides, I'm sure the old codes were cleared out immediately, eliminating any clues, because thats what people do...

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