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Thread: Translucent airbox cracking

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    Translucent airbox cracking

    I know there have been several threads regarding this issue, but I recently purchased a bike with a cherry bomb airbox cover that is in mostly good shape (minor knicks on the top), except for some pretty significant cracking/disintegration in front of the front bolts. One side is actually missing a chunk in front, and the other side has a crack that runs to the edge. It looks like the previous owner used shouldered bolts, and only one side had a nylon washer, but I purchased the full kit with the shroud and rubber o-rings for full protection. Unfortunately a decent amount of the plastic has already cracked off completely in front of one of the bolts, so I figure it's a matter of time before there's not much left. Given the expense, and the fact that cherry bomb seems nearly impossible to find right now, I'm trying to think of repair options. I've found some carbon strips, and was thinking of laying a strip that covers the hole, wraps over the front, and back under to cover the hole from the bottom, then using epoxy to make it solid, and re-drilling the hole. I'm hoping this would effectively add back material in front of the hole while reinforcing the edges around the hole. I've never used either carbon or epoxy in this way before, so was looking for any pointers, or alternative suggestions. The last thing I want to do is make it worse, so I may just start saving for a new airbox cover if they become available again. I'd rather not change colors or go carbon, since the previous owner did K&N and open airbox mod.

    Was thinking of using this:
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