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Thread: Looking for cheap chin scoop center

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    Looking for cheap chin scoop center

    Does anyone know where to find a cheap center for the lower chin spoiler? Mine got melted on the header when the previous owner took the carbon fairing off and replaced with stock and apparently didn't tighten it enough. I cut out the melted area so it actually doesn't look too bad, almost as if there was a cutout originally to make room for the header, but I like the look of the stock center. I found SPHD has it for $60, but seeing if anyone has one laying around. I just need the center part, but would take a whole replacement if the price is right.

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    The center section is riveted onto the sides at the factory, so most used ones you see for sale will be a complete chin fairing. That said, any money saved will likely be spent in shipping, as the 3 parts assembled are pretty bulky. You may get lucky and find someone who wants to drill out the rivets and send you just the center section. But thats going to be a long shot at best.

    Midway on here may have a center section from when I sent him a bunch of parts for painting.

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