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Thread: 2009 Buell Lightning XB9SX CityX for $2500 in SF

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    Cool 2009 Buell Lightning XB9SX CityX for $2500 in SF

    SOLD in SF

    I bought this XB as the third owner in 2012 and put 24,000 excellent miles. I did all of the modifications and maintenance. It runs great and can be ridden anywhere, but will need the included subframe installed and some elbow grease to deal with corrosion and paint. Test ride with "M" license and cash in hand. No trades.

    The XB is one of the best analog, internal combustion engine sportbikes. You want the 2008+ for the smoother transmission, upgraded ECM, new oil pump gear, and reworked swingarm which makes it much easier to remove the rear wheel.

    2009 Buell Lightning XB9SX CityX
    32700 miles.
    Registered until December 2019.
    Clear title in hand.
    New rear tire, Q3.
    Runs great. Reliable, lots of torque at idle, 40-60 mpg.

    Aftermarket, adjustable 2-finger brake and clutch levers.
    EBC HH Sintered brake pads, front and rear.
    Cycle Pirates 360* adjustable footpegs. instrument cluster background.
    New, upgraded kickstand.
    Useless mirrors which vibrate.
    12V cigarette outlet.
    Battery tender SAE harness.

    Front brake needs to be bled.
    Subframe is cracked. Replacement subframe is included.
    Shock. Replacement shock is included.
    Crack in motor mount.
    Fork seals.
    Turn signals. Front are not wired up, matching pair of rear signals is included.
    Horn doesn't work. May just be missing its grounding bolt.
    Headlight low beam doesn't work. I did the "both headlights on" mod which held for years, maybe related.

    Dent in frame under left slider puck. Came with bike, not visible.
    Dent in front wheel. Came with bike, never leaked air.
    Dent in exhaust header. I did this, it hasn't hurt performance.
    Clutch lever has tip broken off. Clutch perch is bent to this lever.
    Small tear in seat, edge of front right corner.
    Chin skirt missing a few bolts.
    One of the windscreen bolts is missing.
    Swingarm has peeling paint.
    Forks have peeling paint.

    Extra Parts:
    Subframe, stock. Comes with wiring and signals.
    Exhaust, debaffled. It was cut up, gutted, re-welded. Sounds great. Has a tab broken off where chin skirt mounts, included.
    Shock, stock.
    Clutch and brake levers, stock. Damage on tips.
    Footpegs, stock.
    Frame slider puck, right side.
    Aftermarket clutch lever, 2 fingers. New.
    Rear tail light bulb.
    Instrument cluster background, stock.
    Turn signals, stock, broken.
    OEM Key
    OEM Toolkit

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    Bump, price drop to $2000.

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    Looks like that bike has been “loved”!
    2k is a very fair price
    Surprised it hasn’t sold yet


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    just my opinion need a lot of WORK!

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    I am interested in it for parts not as a complete bike, engine, ecm, harness....... so if this turns into a part out you might get more money then trying to sell as is

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    That poor bike
    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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