The previous owner obviously repaired minor damage to my CR using black spray paint. Yes I was heart broken when I got the bike home. There is no breaks or cracks in the panels so I assume scuff damage, fixed with a filler material and spray paint. A couple of the plastic rivets that hold the air defectors to the rad covers are broken and a poor attempt at glue was used.

I contacted St. Paul for replacement scoops, they only have a left in stock, the right scoop is probably obsolete. Ether I replace both new or fix both. Both of my scoops are in the same state.

My body man was less than impressed with the spray paint, the only thing worse to see is duct tape and zip ties. We fully separated the air intake from the covers, most of the plastic rivets survived the procedure. If were going to fix/paint them, no point trying to mask around them.

Has anyone had success reattaching the air deflectors to the rad covers? Glue? Plastic welding? Gum and wire?

I seriously considered sanding and buffing the panels using cootters directions but I dont know the extent of the damage. Body man (painting just bikes for 30yrs) assures me that because theyre not cracked he can paint them. Im lazy and have zero patience for this type of work. Id rather buy a new bike than wash the one I have. My Ulysses needs a tetanus shot!

Any suggestions to attach the air deflectors?

Thank you in advance