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Thread: 09 Firebolt Starting and Charging Issues

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    Definitely check anywhere and everywhere corrosion could impede proper current flow. Do this before you try the new battery to confirm current flow isn’t the issue.
    I’d also wait till you receive your battery before trying anything else. My bike is an 07 12r with a shoari lithium ion battery. Without the bike cranked over, the battery never dips below 13.3 WITH my heated grips and heated vest on. Now if I leave that crap on for an hour without turning the bike over, it will.

    Just to give you another voltage reference; my bike with nothing on but the key switched to the on position 13.5volts. Bike running and driving 14.5.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    Geez. Assuming "Corrosion isn't a problem" and 'I haven't looked' in the same sentence (!) makes proper diagnosis impossible.

    Corrosion between the positive cable and the terminal is precisely where it would happen. You won't always see fussy corrosion poking out. Actually check it. Its one dang screw and could save you the cost of a battery you keep swearing is OK.
    And you don't read mine...... Sheesh.

    You can only get beat up for helping so many times so...Guess I'll quit helping here too

    Good luck knowing everything, its working well for you.

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