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Thread: How are the Buelltooth exhausts?

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    Question How are the Buelltooth exhausts?

    I searched the forum and I didn't find a whole lot. Couple threads, one said he had one and another said they were thinking about it.

    Is their exhaust quite loud? I don't like how quiet the stock muffler is, but I don't want to anger ALL my neighbors.
    Is the muffler rebuildable, or does it even contain fiberglass packing? The pics on their website made it look like it's all sealed up, but if it's got fiberglass it might need to be repacked every so often.

    For the price, the Buelltooth exhausts seem great, and even the most expensive one is pretty cheap. I'm not real worried about losing the jacking point or chin fairing.

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    There are a couple styles, which one are you looking at? Link?

    I have the Supertrapp style, you can re-pack if you need too. It's loud but daily livable with no earplugs. I really like it. You can tune the noise with the plates on the end.

    Theres the Cone style that is a little louder and I don't think it has packing in it.

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    I was thinking of either the cone style for $395, or the squared-off style for $225.
    The cheaper Supertrapp-style muffler isn't bad at $250.
    I was leery of Supertrapp as back in the 80s/90s they were pretty much considered garbage for sportbikes. I have no idea how it would be for a Buell, does the exhaust dirty up the bike since it's not directed?

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    I've seen a youtube video from Buelltooth that is helpful. But, it's always difficult to compare a video vs the real-life sound. Does anyone have other videos of the Supertrapp? I'm also in the louder, but not obnoxious camp.

    And does anyone know what the normal decibal levels are for the stock exhaust? That would help with the comparison.
    All the best.

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    I bought and installed a Buelltooth SG a couple weeks ago. I didn't ride with the stock exhaust much at all, I wanted to get everything ready when I registered it. It is loud but like Cooter's SuperTrap, it is tolerable for short rides. I should try a different helmet cuz it seems mine makes the exhaust noise louder with the visor down. ?? But I can't relate the Buelltooth to any other. I only know of one 1125 anywhere near me and I haven't ridden it. Bottom line - I like the Buelltooth.

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    The Bob, is the SG a glasspack muffler or is it just using internal baffles?

    My main concern is if it needs repacking, I can see no way to do so.

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    Hmmm. You've got me there. Like you say, there doesn't seem to be a way to repack it.

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    We installed the sg on son's '03 xbr. It is loud. Seems well made, stainless steel, welded construction. Not sure if there is any packing in it but you wouldn't be able to repack it if there was (without cutting it up). Son likes it. We had to add a piece for the front mounting point. (may be due to PO , not sure). There is a link somewhere on the site you can buy brackets ($80 I think) to keep the chin fairing.
    I'd buy one if I had a buell.
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    Chin fairings are for chicks with pretty nails and too much make up.
    Or for those of you that have a nice looking bike.

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    I got the following from Dave @ Buelltooth:

    The SS is packed with stainless steel, the SG with fiberglass. They are not re-packable.
    The XB-ST and GT have fiberglass packing and are easily repacked. They are also the quietest mufflers we offer and what I recommend for a daily driver. You can also adjust the sound and power curve. I recommend using 18 discs for a good balance of sound and power.
    So it looks like for my needs the -ST or -GT would fit the bill. For anyone who has the Supertrapp muffler, how many discs are y'all running? It comes with 12, extra discs are $6 a pop.

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