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Thread: Gauge cluster bypass?

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    Gauge cluster bypass?

    I've been doing some maintenance and clean up on my xb12s.
    I pulled my gauge cluster to make a custom display and im done yet. The weather is beautiful today and id like to ride, but the bike wont start without the gauges. Anyone know a quick way to bypass it?

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    Maybe thats why you have all those codes you posted in your other thread? IIRC the bike will run fine without the cluster plugged in, seems like you have a different issue.

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    You don’t need the gauge cluster in order to crank up and ride the bike. I’ve ridden without my gauge cluster and it didn’t cause any of the codes your other post shows.
    Something else is going on with your bike. You need a better post about what is going on with your bike.
    The codes on your other thread aren’t caused by the dash being unplugged.
    What did you do to try and “bypass” the dash?
    I’ve rewired my XB12r for an XB12s harness and while trying to figure out how to position the dash with the stock XB12r triple clamps took the bike for a ride, with out the dash connected, and the bike ran perfectly fine. Once the dash was positioned and plugged up there were NO historic codes.
    Give us some more info, something else is going on.

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    I don't have anything in front. Only the steering wheel and headlight. No light bulbs, no dashboard, and everything's fine. There are no errors

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    Same answer everyone else gave. I dont even use the gauge cluster. I use a Garmin GPS as my speedo.

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