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Thread: Thank god for frame pucks!

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    Thank god for frame pucks!

    At the risk of my dignity, I wanted to encourage anyone without frame pucks to seriously consider them. The pucks kept my bad day from being a terrible one. Was riding my bike home for lunch from work, and waiting to turn right on red onto an on ramp. Truck in front of me starts off. I check left, staring intently at the oncoming direction as this ramp is on a bridge and thus somewhat blind as people fly through the light. It's clear, I let out the clutch, and start to give it throttle when I look back right and find the truck had stopped again. I slam my brakes, tap his bumper, and dropped the bike. Lesson learned, always look where you're riding (duh). At least it was essentially a parking lot drop in terms of speed and the frame puck absorbed impact, leaving only a broken right rider peg and a tiny scuff on the right side scoop. No fork damage, no frame damage, no wheel damage (not that all of those were prevented by the puck). Oh, and I've only had my bike a few weeks...

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    Frame pucks are worth every penny for sure they've saved my bacon once or twice. You should've dropped it on the left though, I've got a spare left peg lol!

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    Stop, go, stop, is the number 1 cause of accidents in n.j. !

    Yeah , your both right, I still have to put pucks on my SS, they are very expensive these days.

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    The OEM frame pucks are clutch. May I also recommend front and back axle sliders as well as T-Rex frame sliders for a great comprehensive protection package.

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    where is the best place to get XB frame pucks???

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    Or you can do like the previous owner of my XB did. Low side on both sides and then buy the pucks to cover the scratches.

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    Glad to hear it wasn't serious

    2006 Buell XBRS LightningBolt

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