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Thread: 09 XB12r

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    09 XB12r

    I picked this thing up in pieces, been sitting since 2010. It has 8096 miles on it. I would like to get $3500 out of it, posting it for sale here first. What I've done to it: New BT016 tires, brakes flushed/bled w 5.1 fluid, oil change w mobil 1 20-50/wix filter. Came with a K&N, cleaned and oiled it. Has some aftermarket exhaust, maybe Jardine? Re-packed can. New fuel pump assembly. The tank was ugly, I cleaned it as well as I could (several times) though I fully expect the strainer filter to need replaced in a few thousand miles, maybe not. New Mega-crank 220 amp battery. I'm still waiting on a few fairing bolts to show up in the mail, and I need to get the title in my name and tags current. Other than that I think its ready to go. That said, its my first time doing anything with a Buell and I would like to take it over to my buddies house (who knows all things Buell) and have him put some eyes on it before it goes to the new owner, just make sure everything is correct. Located in Oklahoma


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    Still for sale, title is squared away, I've added a new oem windscreen and put about 500 more miles on it since the posting.

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    What part of OK?

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    South Tulsa

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    Hi Noel, Is the bike still on the market?

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    Yes it is. Too cold to ride so it's been on a battery tender in my garage, I fire it up every Saturday. If my local KTM pusher gets a 390 Adventure soon I may trade it in on another bike for the wife. No doubt they wont give me squat for it.

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    This bike has been sold.

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