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Thread: Which device to check error codes?

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    Yes. I ran the diagnostic/setup test from the manual with the engine off. The Actuator did not move at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1776Brigade View Post
    I'll check the butterfly valve this evening. The actuator does move and the cable appears to be free.

    In the short term, is there a safe way to disable it until I can decide what to do? I ultimately want to upgrade the exhaust, but wasn't prepared to drop $1,000 right now.
    here's your situation: your 2009 XB12 stock exhaust system is broken....but can easily be repaired. i don't recommend logging many miles with your exhaust IEV in this condition. instead of chasing your tail, simply decide if you want to repair and refresh your stock exhaust....which i'll note was a good sytem right from the factory on the 12 models.....or ditch it and go aftermarket.
    if choosing to repair what you have i'll be happy to walk you thru it. cost is very reasonable assuming you have basic mechanical skills.

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