I spent the long winter doing some maintenance on the 1125cr and finally have been out for a few rides.

The bike is a 2009 cr with 22,000KMS, stock muffler, K&N filter

Work done:
- valve lash adjustment
- drilled rotor (300lbs torque and red locktite)
- EBR clutch actuator
- removed solenoid from throttle bodies
- removed Harley wire harness

Bike goes like a scared dog, power wheelies in almost all gears. The onboard voltmeter reports 13.5volts with fans and high beam on. I suspect my battery is toasted but Iím going to re-check my cables/grounds.

This engine is NOISY! I did err to the high end of the valve lash spec. From idle to 5000rpm - clack clack clack. After 5000rpm the wind noise dampens everything out. Itís definitely top end noise and I donít feel there is any abnormal vibration. I can take a video and Iím going to do the oil check procedure today. I did a new filter and 3 quarts of 30-50w amsoil.

Am I paranoid or should I order an exhaust system to drown out the noise? It took 2 seasons and 3 air cooled Buellís to get over the racket of the evo 1203cc. But this thing makes my Uly sound like a 125cc Honda