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Its now an official love hate relationship!!!

topped up the oil and coolant and left the charger on over night. First thing this morning I pressed the starter button and she started right up!
I wished it was that easy
I left the crank inspection cover off and in about 10 seconds of running, half a quart of oil ran onto the floor. I expected a trickle BUT!!!
Mopped up the oil, pressed the starter button and off she roared to life again
After 10 minutes of running she stalled dead and posted "COMM ERROR" and "THEFT ERROR"
I WISH someone was stealing it at this point! I traced every wire and reseated the ECM and the Frame to pod connectors, still receiving COMM and THEFT errors. No Love.
At one point it attempted to start but behaved like it had a dead battery. The battery is OK (13v) and the cables were tight. I traced the main ground wire to the frame (runs above the swing arm) and found the ground wire "not tight". I added a star lock washer and tightened the main ground.
Turned the key, the bike cycled up, touched the starter button and VAROOM!

Not 100% sure if the COMM/THEFT error is resolved but the dash board reported a 14v and I measured 14v at the battery at idle. I did the charging rotor upgrade and removed the Harley wire harness in the spring so I'm not expecting any voltage issues.

This bike has had me in the fetal position, rocking and crying. My wallet is a lot lighter. My knowledge about the liquid cooled Rotax motor has significantly improved. I'm not sure if this motorcycle has lost it's will to live OR if it just hates me. I'm considering taking it to family counselling. This has not been a pleasant BUELL season for me, and for some insane reason I'm considering buying an EBR1190RX!!! I totally need to go to counselling.

I'm very greatefull to the BUELL online community, the good folks at buellxb and badweatherbikers have been an incredible aid. Both mechanically and encouraging. I have found a 2008 1125r with 1000 miles... hmmm... I'm sold on the 1203cc Thunderstorm motor, but I want the power that only the liquid cooled 1125/1190 can provide.
Is there a cure for being a BUELLAGIN!

The SAGA continues...

oh an the oil that leaked out of the inspection cover totally ruined my fresh muffler paint job!!!

I've heard of the COMM/THEFT message coming on when there is voltage issues. Sharp thinking on your part nailing it down so quickly.