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Thread: Buell XB parts for sale

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    Buell XB parts for sale

    i have a few parts , some i never installed & those are new in the box. My bike went through several transformations while I owned it. I put parts on & later took them off, some parts I never put on. I sold the bike awhile ago and I have all these parts left over. There may be more when I clean the storage more later.
    I have photos.
    My bike was a 2003 XB9S
    Heres a List;

    1) Cherry Bomb Airbox cover w/o logo's $179
    2) HyperPro steering damper (for Buell) -new condition $179
    3) XB clear lens Tail light - new in box with red light $29
    4) headlight grate $59
    5) MotoGadget Speedo $399 & warning lights bar $199
    6) Ecm to computer cable $ 75
    7) mirrors fzr I think $ 30
    and.. drum roll plz..;
    8) Trojan Horse equal length pipes from England !! –I think 2”, Ill have to measure..
    Big $$$. Primed with 3 coats, partially wrapped with heat tape, never used, brand new perfect condition!! $1881

    9) D&D Exhaust used good condition -seperated from its jack plate, but jack plate is included.. . Badass deffening loud! $450
    10) Trimmed Tidy Tail.. forget the brand, totally trimmed and smooth - Black – perfect $150
    11) Seat the comfy one, like the CityX, not the racy one -New perfect $50
    12) Frame spacers Diesel Moto solid 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
    -used, like new, in original box $88
    13) Tall windscreen Smoke $90
    14) Tall windscreen Cherry bomb $90
    15) Billet oil dipstick $79
    16) Billet cleanable oil filter $79 K and P Engineering Micronic oil Filter fits.
    XB9R Firebolt 02-07
    XB9S Lightning 03-08
    XB12R Firebolt 04-10
    XB12S Lightning 04-10
    XB12X Ulysses 06-10

    17) brand new never used drive belt $122 (2003 xb9s)
    18) motocross metal handguards –black $49
    19) K&N cleanable air filter - new never used $60
    20) I have the Oval headlights rig too, Nice Hella Driving lits. I made it, Ill sell it $148

    I have/can send as many high res pics as yu want of any item. Refer to the Item number helps me, thx.
    I have some pics of my bike so yu can see how some of the things looked. &
    I have pics of other bikes with how some of the never installed things looked..
    Email me for details
    Be patient for my reply. I will reply as quick as I can,,

    All of these things are not made anymore, and really dress up the bike.
    If more then one person wants an item, Ill handle it like an auction. Its not sold till I get money.

    No saving stuff without a deposit of 50% cash in my hand. Even then, if payment in full is not received after 10 days, I reserve the right to put the item back up for sale, especially if it is in demand, and no refund will be issued until the item is sold. Its fair, be responsible. Im trying to sell things, Im not a counselor or a punching bag. Or storage barn. Im cleaning out a storage& Im not keeping anything.

    Local pick-up is welcome ☺. I can ship after full payment is received + shipping costs of your choice, & I recommend insurance..

    **I need to receive full payment before I let go of any item**

    All sales are final. No returns, No refunds. Im not a store.
    Once an item is sold, Ill remove it from the list.

    *US buyers only unless you email me and we discuss alternate circumstances*

    Payment can be made best by money to an email I will provide – different from the above email, available only to buyers. Also cheque in the mail is acceptable. Cashiers Chq is faster, else ill have to wait till yours clears. I may set up Pay Pal, but you’ll have to have a verifiable personal account so I can see who you are. & I will not dis
    close my account numbers!! (Scammers are asking for PayPal account numbers now!). Truth is, we will both have to employ careful security measures. Scammers are quite sophisticated now!

    I intend to be fair.
    Thanks for your patience ☺

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    PM'd you on the tail tidy and moto gadget stuff
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    1st post

    I’d say buyer beware.......

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    I saw that and thanks for the heads up. I appreciate the help!!

    The prices aren't good enough to jump at blindly so I'll be wary and post up here if we make a good, safe deal.

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    I need a headlight and would love a spare cherry bomb airbox cover, but gonna wait to see how it goes with Cooter

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    Lost touch with him. Seemed OK but he was a little too 'nervous' for me. If the prices were lower I might take the risk, but I can gat most of that new for the same $.

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