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Thread: Oil Leaking on 2009 XB9SX

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    Oil Leaking on 2009 XB9SX


    I rode in to work today, parked, and noticed some oil on my shoe. looked down and saw oil had been spraying down the right side of the bike, and even on to my rear tire.... awesome!

    I have not yet taken any of the plastics off to inspect it in detail, but I think it's coming from the "oil vent" line, where it connects to the oil pump?

    Any one have any suggestions on if this is going to be a tough fix or not? OR do you think it may be something else to check?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    happens from time to time. see schematic. item #2 is the problem and is a common viton O-ring. just replace it.


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    Just curious, while he is replacing that O-ring should any other O-rings also be replaced on other lines ?

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    I wouldn't, unless the are leaking or weeping. Remember, you do not need to unscrew the fitting. Use a pick to pull the clip out of the hex end and the line slides out, replace o-ring on the line, replace the clip in the screw end carefully, and then slide the end of the oil line back in to the hex end.

    'They' recommend a new clip every time but I haven't had issues as long as it wasn't bent on removal. If you do want to replace it, be sure to match the size exactly! They aren't universal. I found a kit of several sizes at Napa for cheap

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