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Thread: I stared at this waaaaay to long..

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    I stared at this waaaaay to long..

    I stared at this waaay to long before i figured out what I was looking assuming this wasnt routed correctly or what?PicsArt_05-24-09.42.39.jpg

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    What am I looking at? The throttle?

    It looks like a vacuum line that was abraded away due to being under tension and vibration - can you zoom out a smidge?

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    Looks like the cable for the idle adjustment knob.
    Should be able to follow that frayed cable to the front left area of the bike. It’s factory zip tied to the top left portion of the “v” frame, very close to the front of the left side air scoop.

    Have you downloaded a service manual? That will help tremendously with identify parts and help familiarize you with your bike.

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