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Thread: 2008 Buell XB12Ss -- Die at idle

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    Quote Originally Posted by samuelseggs View Post
    Let me add also, I bought the tps 4129

    TPS VOLTAGE :: 4.08V at full throttle and 0.56V at closed throttle
    Were you getting similar readings to what I posted before replacing? Did it make any difference changing it?

    Last night I didn't get to complete what I wanted, I ended up just buying material to clean the TB and IAC port. Tonight I will be checking the resistance, injectors to see if it leaks just following the manual procedure (simple), and then cleaning the IAC. If everything checks out, I will fire up the old girl and spray in some carb cleaner around the intakes, see how she reacts. I doubt simply cleaning my IAC will fix my issue but I can always hope. Judging by the voltages posted from Cossack, I may as well order up that dirty TPS sensor.

    I have alligator clips for my multimeter with plastic covers on the end so I went on a search for ones without to no luck. I can't fit it into the TPS pins with the plastic ends so I'll likely burn them off tonight so that I can measure the ohms while twisting the throttle. Although at this point, I believe my TPS needs replacing.
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