I have been musing over EBR 1190s as of late. Seems every time I jump on my bike I think, how different would riding this section of road or through those curves be on an 1190. Then it dawned on me as I hit a buck and a quarter merging onto the freeway. Im not responsible enough for that bike. Im doing a buck and a quarter on my 152 hp, 780 lb tourer. In that same stretch of road, Id probably hit a buck fidy on an 1190! Id be in jail, probably.

Then it occurred to me. No responsible person buys a 185 hp motorcycle to ride on the street! (Cept maybe the fine gents on buellxb.com.) I feel vindicated and realize that not being responsible enough makes me a perfect candidate for an 1190!

Now, sx or rx. That is the question.